Click the game's link to play it directly. All of them is free. Suggest you use chrome firefox or IE9 to play them.


example graphic gomoku  Not only the game screen is gorgeous, and you can set the difficulty of yourself, and you can select the man-machine is fighting for all, the gomoku game is definitely the best thing to do in the game.



example graphic Chinese Chess  Play chinese chess!



example graphic Flappy Text  Today we are going to share a wonderful version of the Flappy Bird -- HTML5 Flappy Text game, with some letters to replace bird, every touch of an obstacle, the letter will be one less. Play together.

example graphic flappy bird  Flappy bird is a flappy bird games can be played on the PC side, the players about flappy bird pages can manipulate the bird flight and avoid green piping.If the bird ran into obstacles, the game will end. When a bird flies over a set of pipes, the player gets a point.

example graphic Mine Sweeper  Mine Sweeper brings classic game play and experience to the legendary puzzle game.




    example graphicCut the rope The cut the rope is a classic iphone game. Now, you can play it at your pc.



    example graphic

Fish  It's in the sea, there are all kinds of fish, use your wisdom to catch them.


    example graphicFruit Ninja  Slice fruit with a ninja sword.


    example graphicStreet Fighter The classic Arcade game. Now, you can play it at PC. Suggestion browser is chrome.


    example graphic

Racer  In 4 kinds of road conditions, racing, including straight,curves,hills,final.


example graphic

PingPong Play pingpong ball.


    example graphic Apple  Red Apple, Green Apple, bones and other food drops from the sky. Control your dog to catch them.

    example graphicDockhunt Are you a hunter. Shooting flying duck. Your reaction speed. Congratulations on your happy hunting.

    example graphicFighter  Fly your plane, shooting and bombing the enemy.


example graphic

Battery Build your battery. Destroy the enemy.


    example graphic

Jewel It is a puzzle game. Adjust the position of the diamond. Put 3 into one line.


    example graphicPushBox  With the keyboard up, down, left, right move villain, push all the boxes into the location of the ball to cross the border. Boxes can only be pushed forward, you can not pull back, and the villain can only push one box.

 example graphic

Tetris A classic Tetris game.


    example graphic 3D Tetris  3D version of the classic Tetris game.


    example graphic Mix Snake  A famous mix snake game.


    example graphic Google Pacman  A famous game, which is google pacman.